BCPI FCC Pricing

1001 Regular Copy Service Per Page/Day $0.30
1002 Expedited Copy Service Per Page/Day $0.40
1003 Debit Card Service Per Unit $25.00
1004 Document Search and Retrieval Service Per Hour $60.00
1005 FCC Provided Service - Daily Releases Per Page/Day $0.12
1006 Daily Digest Subscription Service Per Page/Day $0.12
1007 Shipping/Handling Services Per Order $6.00
1008 Database/ECFS/We/Printing Service Per Page/Day $0.32
1009 Diskette to Diskette /Zip Disc Copy Service Per Disk $18.00
1010 CD Rom to CD Rom Copy Service Per CD $25.00
1011 Microfiche to Paper Copy Per Page/Day $0.35
1012 Map/Odd Size Copy Service (over 8.5"x14") Per Page/Day $5.00

FCC Research Retrieval Service

Our office is inside of the FCC building and we have full complete access to FCC files, FCC divisions, FCC bureaus and FCC archives! We are the official contractor given top priority by the Federal Government in handling FCC documents to benefit the public.

FCC Subscription System

This is a daily service in which you receive all of the Non Docket filings, Docket filings and hard copy Ex Parte filings. (By Email in .PDF format)

Late Release Service

These are filings the FCC releases throughout the day after they have posted the Daily Digest. These filings are not available until the next day.

Electronic Ex Parte Service

Receive the first page of each day's Electronic Ex Parte filings as soon as they are available. (By Email in .PDF )

Request FCC Documents

For assistance in purchasing document subscriptions, FCC Communications, Files & Documents. Please contact us:
(202) 488-5300 or (1-800) 378-3160

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FCC Services

Direct FCC Access

BCPI has an Office inside
of the FCC building, Room CY-B402
We have full & exclusive access to
all FCC Communications files & documents.

fax: (202) 488-5563
tty: (202) 488-5562
E-mail- requests, orders & questions : fcc [at] bcpiweb.com


We Accept All Major Credits Cards


Our Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm

FCC Building Washington DC
FCC Washington DC location
BCPI is the official FCC Copying & Duplicating Service
See our FCC information page here.
Best Copy & Printing, Inc.
Portals II
445 12th St. S.W.
Room CY-B402
Washington DC 20554



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